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Introducing the NEW Rubio’s Rewards program, where you can earn points with every purchase and redeem them for free food.

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How It Works

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    Join Rubio’s Rewards
    All your Rewards in the palm of your hand. Download our app, or sign-up online here.
  2. EARN

    Order your favorites
    Order in the app, place an order online, or scan your in-app QR code at your local Rubio’s and earn 10 points for every $1 spent.
  3. ENJOY

    Get rewarded
    Redeem your points for free Rubio’s – from drinks to kids meals to burritos!
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Enjoy a free drink, dessert, regular chips and guacamole or a side with your next entrée.


Treat yourself with a taco, or treat your kid to a cheesy quesadilla.


Your next burrito, bowl or taco plate is on us.


How do I redeem a reward?2022-08-24T22:46:40+00:00

On the App

  • Place your order as usual. Please be sure to add the free menu item to your order before applying the reward.
  • When you go to the “Make Payment” screen, select “View Available Rewards” at the top of the screen to see your available Rubio’s Rewards.
  • Select the button to the right of the reward you would like to use and hit the “Apply” button, and then “APPLY” again to continue with the checkout process.

Note:  Only 1 reward or coupon can be used per order.

Online at Rubios.com

  • Log in to your account and place your order as usual. Please be sure to add the free menu item to your order before applying the reward.
  • On the checkout page you will see your available Rubio’s Rewards under “Apply Rewards.”
  • Select the reward you’d like to use and continue to place your order.

Note:  Only 1 reward or coupon can be used per order.

In Our Restaurants

  • Go to the Rewards section of the app to view your available rewards.
  • To redeem points, select the “Redeem Points” tab, find the Reward you’d like to redeem points for, and hit “Scan In-Store.” Then scan the QR code at the register.
  • To redeem an offer that’s already in your account, select the “Available Rewards” tab, find the Reward you’d like to use and hit “Scan In-Store.” Then scan the QR code at the register.
Do my rewards expire?2022-08-24T22:47:15+00:00

In addition to your points, we’ll also send surprise Rewards and offers your way; expiration dates may vary. Please check the expiration date of every reward and offer to make sure you can enjoy it before it expires.

Can I redeem more than one reward per visit?2022-08-24T22:47:44+00:00

No, you are only able to redeem one reward every 30 minutes. Rewards cannot be combined with any other offers or discounts.

If I redeem a reward during my order, do I still need to scan to earn points for my purchase?2022-08-24T22:48:24+00:00

No, if you are redeeming a reward and adding an additional purchase, you will automatically earn points for that purchase.

Is there a Birthday Reward and when will I receive it?2022-08-24T22:48:58+00:00

Absolutely! We send our birthday rewards 5 days before your birthday, as shown in your Rewards profile. If you didn’t receive your birthday gift 5 days before, please check that your birthday is in your profile (you can add it to your profile if it’s missing) and check your spam or junk folders.

How does the “Refer a Friend” work?2022-08-24T22:49:33+00:00

You can share your unique invite code with friends by selecting “Invite Friends,” found in the More section of the app, and send it to them via text, email or social media to invite them to join Rubio’s Rewards. For every friend that joins and makes their first Rewards purchase, you’ll get a $5 off reward.

How do I earn points?2022-08-24T22:51:18+00:00

For online orders: You will automatically earn points and get credit for your visit when you place an order through the app or your online account at Rubios.com.

For orders placed at the restaurant: To check in and earn points at the restaurant, hit the “scan” icon at the bottom of the app, and scan the QR code before you pay. You can also provide your email or phone number to the Rubio’s team member, and they can check you in.

What if I forgot to check in at the register?2022-08-24T22:51:53+00:00

If you forgot to scan at the register, don’t worry!  You can scan or manually enter the QR code found at the bottom of the receipt, by selecting the “scan” icon at the bottom of the app and selecting the “Scan QR Code” or “Enter QR Code Manually” button.

Please Note: If you already checked in at the register, then a QR code will NOT print on your receipt.

What if my receipt doesn’t have a QR code to scan at the bottom?2022-08-24T22:52:26+00:00

If you checked in at the register or redeemed a reward, then you are already checked in and a QR code will NOT print on the receipt.

If you did not scan at the register or redeem a reward, and there is still no QR code on your receipt, then please contact us and include the number found at the top of the receipt, and we will be sure to add the purchase to your account.

How do I check my balance?2022-08-24T22:52:54+00:00

Your points balance will appear on the “Rewards” screen of the mobile app, and the “My Rewards” tab, found in the Account section when you sign in at Rubios.com.

Do my points expire?2022-08-24T22:53:21+00:00

Points expire six months after the date they are earned. You can check the “Rewards” screen on the app or the “My Rewards” page, in the Account section when you sign in at Rubios.com, to see when your points expire.

What if I order gift cards from Rubios.com?2022-08-24T22:53:58+00:00

Gift card purchases do not count towards your points balance, however, food purchases made with a gift card will count when you check-in or scan your receipt.

Can I earn points from Catering orders?2022-08-24T22:54:24+00:00

Yes! You automatically get points for every Catering purchase made through the Rubio’s app or your online account at Rubios.com. When ordering online, just make sure you’re logged in with your Rubio’s Rewards account and not as a guest. For phoned in pickup orders, simply scan your receipt in the app. Third party delivery purchases are not eligible for Rubio’s Rewards.

What if I order delivery?2022-08-24T22:54:57+00:00

When you order delivery directly through the Rubio’s app or online, your order subtotal will automatically count toward earning points. Points are not earned on delivery fees, service fees or tips. Orders placed through third-party delivery services (such as GrubHub, Doordash or Uber Eats) are not eligible for Rubio’s Rewards.