By recycling whenever possible, we can prevent the waste of useful materials, reduce the consumption of fresh raw materials and reduce energy usage, air pollution and water pollution. That's why we strive to implement recycling in all of our restaurants where the infrastructure and services exist. This includes working with commercial landlords and municipalities to provide the services and space.

Our progress so far includes:

  • We offer plastic and glass bottle recycling in almost 50% of our restaurants. We are continually working to expand this program.
  • We recycle the oil from our fryers, which stops it from going to landfills or down the drain.
  • We recycle enough oil to fill approximately 5 average-sized swimming pools per year, a total of about 86,000 gallons.
  • Looked at another way, the oil we recycle could create enough bio-diesel to fuel all of the food deliveries to our stores each year.