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Blog / Family-Friendly Activities to Keep You Fit in the New Year

Family-Friendly Activities to Keep You Fit in the New Year

Have you made a New Year’s resolution to get more exercise in the coming year? If so, you’re not alone! It’s one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions for Americans — and a jump in gym memberships each January is proof.

While the gym is helpful, many people find that it’s a lot more fun to get their exercise in by participating in regular family-friendly adventures and activities. They’re an excellent way for the entire family to get fit together while spending quality time together.

Here are some of our favorite family-friendly adventures and activities to try in 2022.


Try a new hike each week. Did you know there are nearly 43,000 miles of hiking trails in the U.S.? There’s a good chance that at least a few of those miles are in your state, so set a goal to find and tackle a different one each week. Use an app like All-Trails to locate lesser-known hiking trails. While you’re on the trail, play Pokemon-GO, or use the Seek app by iNatural, and earn badges for finding and identifying plants, fungi, and wildlife.


Plan a backyard sports tournament. A little friendly competition between family members, friends or neighbors is always fun. Plan a game day (or night) a few times each month and have each family host in their front or backyard. Play a tournament or try a different game each time, like soccer, flag football, badminton, baseball, or basketball. Don’t forget to bring or supply healthy snacks and lots of water for thirsty players.


Go ice skating. If it’s cold enough to skate outside, you’ll get the benefit of pretty scenery, but if it’s not, check out an indoor ice rink. Of course, it’s fun in the winter, but ice skating is also a nice break from the heat in the summer. Add a few indoor skating sessions to your fitness calendar throughout the year.


Try a new watersport. When the weather warms up, try canoeing, kayaking, or paddleboarding. Many outdoor recreational areas rent equipment. If it turns out to be an activity everyone really loves, a canoe, kayak, or paddle board makes a great family gift idea down the road.


Train for a road race. We’re not talking marathons (unless you’re up for that challenge). A road race can be an organized event like a 5K race (3.1 miles) or just a 1K around the neighborhood with friends. And the training is just as much fun for everyone as the race itself. If you have kids, most 7–10-year-olds can run or walk a 5K race, but make sure you set a goal that’s appropriate for all family members and get to work running or walking to train for the big race.


Set up an outdoor obstacle course. We love this DIY one created with items from the Dollar store. The neighborhood kids might never leave.


Plan a ski or snowboarding trip. If you live near the mountains, set aside a weekend and take a family ski or snowboarding trip. It’s not only great exercise, but also an opportunity to explore someplace new – is there a Rubio’s nearby? If snow and mountains aren’t so close, a long weekend or school vacation is a perfect chance to pack up the car, head to the mountains, and make some memories. Small, local mountains are always great, but if you’re up for a bigger adventure, check out this article on some fantastic ski resorts in the west.


Tips to Stick to Your Exercise Resolution

Boost your chances of following through with your goal to increase your exercise and have fun along the way with these tips:

  •  Put a specific goal or activity on your calendar each week. You’ll have something to plan for and look forward to each week.
  • Stick to your plan but allow for some flexibility. After all, life happens, kids get sick, or work piles up. It’s OK to take a break but try to pick up after things calm down.
  • Start slow and work your way up. Don’t risk an injury by taking on too much too soon.

Getting more exercise is one of the best resolutions you can make. It improves your health and it’s a great way to connect with family or friends and make lots of happy memories along the way.

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