Which is Why working At Rubio's isn't just another job-

It's a family.

  • We grow

    by working together.

  • We have fun

    and lift each other up.

  • We share

    the benefits of creating an incredible dining experience for our guests.

Benefits That Make working at Rubio's Feel Like

Everyday is Taco Tuesday.

Commitment to our Guests - Served Daily

Our core values are more than just words on a banner:
they are principles we live by each and every day.

Friend of the Ocean

We are relentless in our commitment to preserving the ocean and all its bounty by serving only responsibly sourced seafood.


Even though we continuously win Best Fish Taco, we’re innovative in our approach to finding new flavors and creating new recipes.


We believe that when you put the best ingredients in, you get the best food out.  That’s why we use sustainable and responsibly-sourced seafood and farm-fresh, quality ingredients to deliver food our guests can feel great about eating.

We may work across many locations, but at the end of the day, we are all committed to a single mission:
Serve delicious coastal food that you can feel great about.