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Fish Taco Battle2023-03-03T03:04:18+00:00
Battle for the Best Fish Taco
may the tastiest recipe win!

Victory tastes

As part of Rubio’s 40th Anniversary
celebration, we’re holding a competition
for the next best fish taco that could
win you $1,000 cash, and your
taco featured on the Rubio’s
menu for a limited time!

  1. Jump

    Enter your recipe along with a mouth-watering photo of your fish taco.

  2. Cast
    Your Vote

    The taco-loving public will vote on the taco they think sounds the most amazing to select our 3 finalists.

    March 20 – April 3
  3. The Bite of
    Your Life

    If you’re one of the 3 finalists, you’ll come to sunny San Diego to compete in a live cooking contest before a panel of judges, including our founder, Ralph Rubio.

    April 21
  4. And the
    Winner is…

    The Grand Prize Winner gets $1,000 and their taco will be featured on the Rubio’s menu for a limited time.

    Announced by
    may 12

The Rules


Choose one of these proteins for your taco: shrimp, mahi mahi or pollock.


Choose any standard size, 5”-6”, corn, flour, or keto tortillas to hold it all together.


You can use any of Rubio’s current ingredients and up to three new ingredients to make your taco unique. But no nuts or raw seafood.

Sauces &

You may use any of Rubio’s existing sauces or salsas, or create your own! Sauces or salsas count as one new ingredient.

Keep It

Your final product should fit right in with the Rubio‘s menu.

See full contest rules & terms.


How do I submit a recipe?2023-02-01T23:37:47+00:00

To submit a recipe, please complete the “entry form” above. Please include your complete recipe, including list of ingredients and instructions, photo of the completed taco, and your taco’s name before submitting.



What are the submission rules?2023-02-01T23:38:55+00:00

Recipes must be submitted between February 6, 2023, and February 27, 2023. All participants must include the following information:  

  • Full Name 
  • Address  
  • Name of Taco 
  • Recipe Ingredients  
  • Recipe Instructions  
  • Photograph of Completed Taco 
  • Agreement to Official Rules and Privacy Policy 

Entries may not be submitted by any other means. 

Is it possible to enter multiple times?2023-02-01T23:39:08+00:00

There is no limit to the number of entries you can submit. However, the same recipe may not be submitted more than once.

What are the recipe requirements?2023-02-01T23:39:15+00:00
  • Ingredients should include shrimp, Mahi Mahi or pollock 
  • Tortilla should be standard size 5 to 6” and either flour, corn or keto shell tortilla 
  • No nuts or raw seafood.  
  • Can include any of Rubio’s current ingredients. A full list of Rubio’s ingredients can be found here. 
  • Up to 3 non-Rubio’s menu ingredients may be included.  
  • Recipe instructions should include complete, step-by-step cooking directions, including timing and temperature for any cooked components, and standard, unabbreviated U.S. measurements, (i.e., cups, tablespoons, teaspoons, ounces, or pounds), specific amounts for each ingredient (i.e., number of lettuce leaves, exact teaspoons of salt and pepper; do not say “to taste” for any ingredient).  
  • The recipe may not contain any third-party trademarks, logos, or promotion of any brand, product or service.  
  • All Submissions must be in English. 
What happens if my taco does not meet the requirements?2023-02-01T23:39:23+00:00

Tacos that do not meet the recipe submission requirements will be disqualified.

Will I receive a notification that my recipe has been received?2023-02-01T23:39:31+00:00

Yes. Entrants will receive a confirmation email after submitting the Entry Form. If you did not receive a confirmation email, please check your spam folder before resubmitting your recipe on the Entry Page.

Is it possible for a group to submit a single recipe?2023-02-01T23:39:37+00:00

No. Only one individual may submit a recipe. The individual entrant will be determined by the email address provided in the entry form at the time of submission.

Am I required to submit a photo of the recipe?2023-02-01T23:39:48+00:00

Yes! We want to see your recipe in action. The photos provided may also be used in our Semi-Finalist judging, so make sure your taco looks as delicious as it tastes! Image should be either .jpeg or .png.

I’m late! Will you still accept my submission?2023-02-01T23:39:54+00:00

Unfortunately, no late submissions will be accepted.

Can I submit my recipe via email or USPS?2023-02-01T23:40:18+00:00

Only recipes submitted through the online Entry Form will be accepted.

Who is eligible to enter?2023-02-01T23:40:27+00:00

Only individuals 18 years of age or older who are legal residents of California, Arizona, or Nevada may enter.  

The following individuals are not eligible to enter: Rubio’s (and its subsidiaries and affiliated companies) corporate employees, restaurant district managers and regional directors, directors, shareholders and officers;; Rubio’s distributors, wholesalers, retailers, suppliers, web design, advertising, fulfillment, judging agencies involved in the execution of this contest; and the immediate family members (spouse, parent, child, sibling and spouse or “step” of each) and those living in the same households of each such individual. 

When are the finalists selected?2023-02-01T23:40:32+00:00

The top 10 Semi-Finalists will be announced by March 20, 2023. The top 3 Finalists will be announced following public voting on April 7th . 

What is the Grand Prize?2023-02-01T23:40:39+00:00

The Grand Prize winner will receive $1,000 cash, awarded as a check made payable to the winner, and their winning recipe may be featured on the Rubio’s menu for a limited time.

Will I be required to travel?2023-02-01T23:40:45+00:00

The top 3 Finalists will be required to participate in a Finalist Cook-Off held at Rubio’s Coastal Grill Test Kitchen in Carlsbad, CA the week of April 17th. Finalists who live more than 100 miles away from the Test Kitchen will be provided travel assistance (for the finalist and a guest), including round-trip economy-class airfare, two nights standard hotel accommodations (1 room, double occupancy, room) in the Carlsbad, California area, and a $75 stipend.

Where and when will the final cooking contest be held?2023-02-01T23:40:51+00:00

The Finalist Cook-Off will be held in Rubio’s Coastal Grill Test Kitchen in Carlsbad, CA. The top 3 Finalists will prepare their taco recipe for a panel of judges who will determine the Winner. 

How is the contest judged?2023-02-01T23:41:00+00:00

The battle will be judged in three (3) phases.  

Phase 1 – All entries will be reviewed by the Rubio’s Team and ten (10) Semi-Finalists will be chosen, based on the following criteria: (1) taste/craveability, (2) creativity , (3) suitability for Rubio’s Menu and (4) ease of preparation.  

Phase 2 – Our Guests and followers will be given the opportunity to vote for their favorite recipe from the 10 Semi-Finalists between March 20th to April 3rd (1 vote per person per day). The top 3 recipes chosen by Rubio’s fans will be the Battle Finalists.  

Phase 3 – Battle Finalists will participate in the Finalist Cook-Off where a panel of judges will award the Battle Winner  

When will the winner be announced?2023-02-01T23:41:06+00:00

The Winner will be announced on May 12th via Rubio’s website, official social media channels (@rubioscoastalgrill), and email!

Where can I find a link to the full rules?2023-02-01T23:41:16+00:00

The complete Official Rules can be found here.

Another recipe is the same as mine. How do you decide which one moves on?2023-02-03T18:05:02+00:00

In the case of multiple similar entries, the Rubio’s team will have discretion on which submission to push forward in the Battle. Timing of submission may be considered when making a decision but Rubio’s may take other factors into account, at their sole discretion, when designating a potential Semi-Finalist where similar entries have been submitted. 

I’m having trouble submitting my recipe. Who can help?2023-02-03T18:05:38+00:00

For issues submitting your recipe, please ensure the form is complete including acknowledgment of the Official Rules and Privacy Policy. If you are still experiencing issues, please contact our team here within the entry period.

Are there file size limitations for the recipe or recipe image?2023-02-03T18:06:04+00:00

Only image files (.jpg and .png) 10 MB or less can be submitted through the Entry Form.