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Blog / 5 Tips for the Best Halloween Pumpkin Carving Party

5 Tips for the Best Halloween Pumpkin Carving Party

Halloween is the unofficial start of the holidays. For many kids (and kids-at-heart), it’s hands-down the very best holiday of the season. If your crew is anxiously waiting to dig in and carve the pumpkins, why not host a pumpkin carving party?  It’s a perfect way to kick off the spookiest holiday of the year.

Whether you want to keep things small or invite the neighborhood, we’ve got some free ocean-themed pumpkin carving templates and fun ideas to help with your planning.

 1. Hold It Outside If the Weather Permits. Pumpkin carving can get messy, so schedule your party for the afternoon and carve those pumpkins outside if the weather is nice. Set up a stack of beach blankets or towels for guests to sit on. Set up a large table to hold the carving supplies, and to let guests display their pumpkins once they’re finished.

2. Set a Creative Theme. Witches and ghosts are always good, but there’s no reason you can’t try something different, like our favorite Ocean Life or Under the Sea theme. We developed three ocean-themed pumpkin carving templates to inspire you. Make sure you make several copies in large and small sizes, so there’s plenty to go around. Carving templates are so easy to use (directions are at the top of the page), and the kiddos will love how their pumpkins look when they’re lit with a tea light candle.

Download Your Free Ocean Pumpkin Carving Templates Here Rubio's Wave Pumpkin Carving TemplateRubio's Fish Pumpkin Carving Template Rubio's Ocean Shapes Pumpkin Carving Template

Continue your theme by decorating with fish piñatas and check your local party supply store for ocean or fish-themed plates, napkins, and tablecloths.

3. Ask Guests to Bring Their Own Pumpkins, And You Provide the Tools. If you’re planning on more than just your family, make sure everyone brings their own pumpkin. As the host, you can provide the carving supplies. Make sure you have lots of newspaper to spread underneath the pumpkins. Lay out an assortment of carving templates, tape, and pins for the templates, and provide tools like carving knives and large spoons to scoop out the pumpkin contents. Don’t forget wipes for messy hands and plenty of trash bags.

4. Keep the Food Easy. Pumpkin carving parties (and trick-or-treat night) call for easy, tasty, takeout meals, and there’s something for everyone at Rubio’s. Try the Family Taco Kit or pick up an assortment of different meals. This month, we’re featuring our Impossible Taco Salad as well as these Langostino Lobster treats — which just happen to work perfectly if you’re going with an ocean theme:

  • Langostino Lobster Two Taco Plate
  • Langostino Lobster Bowl
  • Puerto Nuevo Burrito

Make (or buy) cupcakes for dessert and decorate them with Swedish fish and blue sprinkles to go with the ocean theme.

5. Send Off with a Sweet Thank You. Send guests home with a personalized bag to use for trick or treating. This is a fun project to get the kids involved in the week before Halloween if you have time. You can decorate plain canvas bags from the craft store with fabric paint, or buy plastic trick or treat bags and just add each person’s name and some stickers.

Halloween is a fun holiday to create family memories and traditions. We hope you’ll make Rubio’s a part of yours!

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