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Social Responsibility


With our community being such an essential part of who we are, we are committed to offering a rich fundraiser program, participating in local events and partnering with local and national organizations.


Can Fish Tacos Change the World? You tell us. With the millions of dollars donated to local organizations through our fundraiser program to date, it's probably safe to say that we've at least made a dent in our communities. What makes this even better is that Rubio's Fundraisers can easily be booked online. We help you plan your fundraiser and make it a success, with great looking flyers and, of course, our delicious food. Best of all, Rubio's will donate 20% of total sales right back to your group!

Local Events & Partnerships

With a theme of ocean-related causes, active and healthy living, we participate in and contribute to many charities and events. (And we have fun doing it!) Check out the local events we participate in:

Have a local event or partnership that would be a perfect fit for Rubio's?

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